Sunday, July 22, 2012

A sugar free fail weekend!

So this endeavour isn't going to be as easy as I remembered it being!  I am addicted again to sugar!  I find myself wanting more of it because I am cutting it out!  Jeez I forgot about the rehab part of a sugarless diet! Today I just couldn't say no to the red velvet wedding cake, or chocolate covered almonds!  Shame on me!

Anyhow, monday is a fresh new start! So lets try this again! Haha!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Re-taking the Challenge!

Sad to admit it, but I have backsliden!  I slipped back into my sugary eating habits!  Mostly in the name of "not wanting to lose more weight".  But if truth be told, I wanted the sweet stuff too!

Here to proclaim to myself and the rest of the world I am back to a sugar free life style!  Aaaahh. this will be tough!  Mostly I miss the extra energy and discipline it gave me!  Lately I have found I eat whatever whenever!  And I can watch it leak into other areas of life.  Some may find me to be extreme...but i want to be the best me I can.  And with Gods help I can and will do it it!

Wish me luck!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog slacking! Being deliberate!

Hola! My apologies for no blog Thursday! I sat down to do it and then life happened!; And I am sure it will happen again! Lol cause life does happen.
Lately I have been on a quest to be organized and on top of every area of my life. Even down to my finances. For those who need help in that area visit the Dave Ramsey website! Amazing!; Anyhow, I don't know about you but I find that no matter how much I plan an stay on top of things,life always, faithfully throws me a curve ball. And in those moments I can choose to function despite the curve ball or just roll with it. If your anything like me who hates the same thing day in and day out the  curve ball often sounds like the better choice. For example I have determined that evening I would clean all major appliances in my home...Gary calls and says "babes lets go for dinner! " Whats my response?  I'll take the dinner for 400 thanks!  Then there are other curve balls.  For example I have made a lovely dinner spaghetti squash with Marina sauce and cheese.  Mmmmh!  Then my someone calls me with bad news and all of a sudden health food just won't do!  But the icecream in my fridge(really isn't in my fridge. I don't buy icecream. Its called curve ball prevention)  is calling my name.  Or the unexpected invite to eat and no healthy options are around! What do you do?  I say this cause life has sent me many curve ball in different areas. But as this blog involves sugar I am amazed to see how many more curve balls I have been thrown. I have also become very aware of other people food habits.  I have observed mainly a lack of self control.  People aren't hungry but pizza shows up and they are eating three slices minimum.  People want to loose weight but if food shows up they forget their goals cause " everyone else is doing it" Now I will confess last night I had pizza...more like cheese and pepperoni dipped in garlic sauce. I threw away most of the bread. Not because of sugar but because I didn't even like it anymore.  Before the pizza arrived I determined what I would  eat and how much  I would eat. I was deliberate.  I realize we won't always be eating whole grains and Smoothies ( although that should be the norm of your life)  but when we are going to eat junk you have to be deliberate.   I have learned its not about the food. Its about discipline.  The reason I encourage being strict is to develop that. One can eat healthy and still be a glutton and still be overweight.  So don't think well cause I don't eat sugar I am not a glutton or don't have food issues.  Lack of sugar is just a way to show you how addicted to food you really are.  But not eating it is only a step towards developing right attitudes towards food. Not the cure!

Well ladies. I am out!
Today I will be eat Greek salad and a smoothie for lunch.  And dinner is a big question mark!  Any ideas?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yumm soups!


Hey all!
So today was my first grocery shop with whole grains apart of my list. It felt exciting to put meal plans together that included some carbs. I did realize though. I still really like me no Carb meals and plan to eat atleast one meal

Carb free a day! I don't know about you guys but lately I find myself craving certain foods. ( not unhealthy) and if I don't eat them I don't really want anything else. Which sucks because I am not always going to be able to eat what I crave even if its healthy. It may not be in my house. So I just find that food is no longer satisfying. Its good but my day doesn't revolve around it! How have you found your attitudes towards food has changed? Another milestone is restaurant enjoyment. I don't know if you remembered but a couple blogs ago I talked about my experience at a restaurant, and how food is so tantalizing and as I watched unhealthy food saunter by me I wondered why am I doing this? Well I went back to the same restaurant and I had such a different outlook. I looked forward to being able to fellowship and eat well. I was able to enjoy my company without eating dessert it fries. My joy was not altered based on what I ate! Do you have any similar stories of how you are no longer affected by what you eat? Well today for dinner I made harira soup. Its a morrocan soup that I absolutely love! I hope you try it out! Harira 1 pack ground beef 1 tbs cinnamon 1 tbs cumin 1 tbs cayenne pepper 1 tsp curry powder 1/4 cupGrated garlic and Ginger Salt and pepper to taste Tomato sauce 1 onion minced 1/4 cup diced celery 1/4 cup soaked lentils 1/4 cup chick peas 1/2 cup diced cilantro Lemon wedges salt and pepper to taste 1 egg beaten 3 tbs splenda Directions 1 brown beef add seasonings and minced veg 2 add tomatoes sauce and lentils 3 cook till lentils are tender. About one hour 4 beat an egg in a bowl. Slowly add soup to bowl about 1 cup to stop egg from cooking to quickly 5 then still mixture into soup pot 6 serve with cilantro and lemon wedges! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whole grains Baby!

Good day!
So another month is upon us!  I am very pleased to be entering my whole grain challenge!   February was an excellent month!  I am so happy that I have gotten back into sugarfree eating!  Really excited about the spiritual changes and new disciplines it has brought! In February I accomplished what has been a desire for years. I am finally my high school weight again!  That was really exciting!   Those last ten pounds came off with ease!  I want to say I have not exercised once to loose the 35 lbs I lost over all! This month I do plan on bringing some activity into my lifestyle! Just to be healthy!  I am also pleased to say I am no longer sick!  Yay!
I was trying to add a before and after pick but my phone isn't allowing it! So this is my after but I am sure u have some old pick of me to see a difference
Anyhow here is my favorite smoothie recipes

Vicz Bomb Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen mango
2 cups ripe papaya
2 ripe bananas
1 cup 100% orange juice
1 cup water

Blend away
Sprinkle with cinnamon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stomach flu!

To all my fellow sugarfree followers!
I have the stomach flu! I have no blog inspiration!   At the moment I am completely against food altogether!   Haha!
One benefit of the stomach flu has been I have been able to have gingerale and not feel guilty!  I am too sick to appreciate it though!  
Anyhow why don't you guys leave some comments on how your journey is going? Would love to hear!

Have a foodless day!    Haha

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sugarless stick or sugar itch?

Good day!
It feels like forever since my last post. I didnt post Monday cause it was family day!  So here I am!  A few confessions. My 6 am challenged bombed this week!  I have been waking at 7. I have been extremely tired this week, even though I have been going to bed relatively early. I have not done any exercise like I had aimed too.  And I had diet coke!   Which completely goes against my no artificial sweeteners rule.
Well now that is out in the open my thought today is sugarless stick or sugar itch?

Its been almost a month of this lifestyle and one of two things has happened.  Either one your body has gotten used to this way of eating and mentally you quite like this change. You may have lost some extra pounds and have never felt better!  Or this has been a never ending daunting struggle and your starting to wonder "why am I doing this again?"
Those words came to mind over the weekend as I drank a bowl of blackbean soup( I never order soup at a restaurant!  What the heck? That's like bird food)  and hummus ( when appetizers and sides makeup your dinner you know the main meal options weren't the best) so as I eat my humble meal which did taste good I watched the waitors galavant by with tantalizing onion rings or large cuts of choice steak and a skewer of jumbo shrimps at the side. Or huge dishes of pasta in cream sauce that screamed I have more calories in me than your daily quota! 
As I drank my soup I realized how normal over eating and rich eating is in this Society. It was about 8 pm and I seemed to be the only person in the restaurant concerned about eating so late at night.  I watched as people carelessly chose their meals with no concern of the health consequences attached.  And that's when I thought " am I crazy? No one else is concerned "  and with that same thought a still small voice said" but I am"     In that moment I realized God cares about everything I do. And in detail.  Every single area of my life is of importance to Him. And so often I think well since everyone else is...I may as well!  How untrue.  I read a quote that said "if you have little time to eat well and excersize you better make time for sickness and funeral arrangements"

Everything has a consequence, whether good or bad. I began this article with two options of where you are at a month into this eating change. I sincerely hope it is sticking and becoming who you are but if it's not I encourage you to examine why it isn't working for you. It could be overexposure to the wrong foods. Even if you aren't eating them going to McDonalds at lunch every day and ordering a salad seems a bit dull while a perfectly airbrushed picture of a bigmac meal stares at you. 
Or perhaps you have a weak link. One area you haven't quite given up. This can be found in caffeine and sugar substitutes like splenda or sweeteners. A big one is sugarfree gum. All these things remind your body of sugar and make it very hard to kill the desire. 

I will let you know for weight loss the journey is a long one. And the critical point is when you do loose all that weight. How you handle food then. For me the justifications come all the time now that I am at my desired weight. And some times the justifications are valid. But not letting them become exuses to tumble back into sugary eating!

Well ladies that's my thoughts

What have I been eating?

Whole grain tortilla pita pizza
Lots of spaghetti squash
Purple Yams! ( they are purple on the inside.  So cool)
Bran Smoothies( just add bran)
Talapia with cabbage stewed
Spinach omletts
Harira soup
Just to name a few!

Have a sugarless weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

High cal Friday!

Good morning ladies!
Happy Friday!  Hopefully you made it through another sugar free week!  And to treat yourself, Fridays shall be high calories day!   Now I am not advocating cheating but just eat more of what you like!  Its good once a week to go over you calorie defecit amount.  Its rattles you metabolism and gives your mind a much needed break from calorie counting!  So today celebrate with an extra smoothie. Or double the sweet potatoes fries!  Eat what you want to but just don't eat tthe bad stuff.

Also going forward I will blog Mondays and Thursdays. I think this is becoming enough of a routine for everyone that the daily posts probably aren't necessary. 

Thanks for all the forwards about sugars and its affects. I am pleased to see you are studying things out yourselves.  In reference to Essences last email yesterday one good thing to look up is the glyclemic index of food!  Eating foods with a low glyclemic index will help with keeping your insulin levels down. That was some of the first research I did when I started this no sugar persuit!  Also if you still aren't convinced of the no sugar there is a show on YouTube called the last ten pounds...I think!  The show shows how to loose that last ten pounds and shows sadly how much sugar average people eat. Its gross man!  So check it out if you can!

My food stats for yesterday
Am. Banana pattie...I love em
Lunch grilled veg and mushroom
Pm snacked on veg cheese peanut butter dried cranberry and fruit
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some food freedom today! Xoxoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Apple blueberry crumble recipe

Good morning ladies!
Hope you are all well!  I thought it would be nice to share some recipes
Yesterday I made a yummy dessert that is completely sugar free and healthy!  Here is it

Apple blueberry crumble

3 apples skinned and sliced
1 cup of blue berries
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Vanilla extract

1 pack of instant oatmeal
1 tbs butter
1/4 cup whole grain flour
3 tbs splenda brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon

In 9x9 dish mix fruit, cinnamon and vanilla
In separate bowl mix crumble ingredients

Sprinkle on top and bake for 30 min on 375 until gooey and crispy on top

This tastes delish!

My food stats for yesterday
AM: Banana patties
Lunch : spaghetti squash tomato sauce and melted cheese
Pm: grilled chicken breast,  seasones zucchini broccoli and green peppers baked. With sauteed mushrooms.
Dessert: my apple blueberry crumble

Total calories for day-1230
Any of you have some recipes to share?

I encourage you to make it fun and experiment!

Have a sugar free day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do you have a Game Plan?

Good Morning!
I am late this morning....I woke up at 7:50. Well first at 5:30 and then that was it!   I was disappointed,  as I have been doing very well with my 6AM challenge.  So this brings me to my thought for the day what's your game plan?
Every morning you have the opportunity to

to set the pace for your day. Waking early has given me the opportunity to firstly commune with the lord, and secondly really plan out my day. This includes everything from meal plans to chores, follow up phone calls to fellowships. I believe organization is very important when it comes to eating sugar free! If you aren't organized you are garunteed to eat junk and mindlessly. If you think you can just wing it , pretty soon the wings will be eating you! I have noticed on my off days I am tempted to eat junk cause it's fast and convenient. I don't have the energy to figure out what to eat because I didn't establish good discipline that morning and it haunted me in every area for the rest of the day. It's as if I am trying to play catch up but I never do! Living a more disciplined life has always been something I have desired but lacked the strength to do. Ofcorse I could wake-up each morning but rarely at the exact same time. Sure I could be at church on time but no one knows how I rushed and left the house looking like a tornado ran through it just to get there! Sure I made dinner. But could have seasoned the meat from the night before. There is always a coulda shoulda woulda in life...but how wonderful it is when you can say I did it and that's that! Cause you did the couldas and the shouldas! What does this have to do with sugarless eating you ask? Everything! This lifestyle constantly requires you to deny yourself. You are constantly activating self control( fruit of the spirit) will power and discipline. That new found strength you can direct towards other weak areas of your life. Just try it ,you may see you have break though in an area you have always struggled with. So I ask you to share what areas do you need more self control or discipline, and have you found that eating differently has changed you in other areas? Or perhaps you have just been focusing on eating right but have some other areas you need to bring under submission...what are those areas and how to you plan to challenge yourself to change? For me waking up early was a huge struggle, Lisa mentioned she was doing a 6 am challenge so I joined her. I have been amazed in the results it has produced. My next area I want to get in order is organization of the little things in life. Like my house is always clean and tidy but keeping my craft closet in order, Gary's closet in order, my office supplies together. All the chores I dislike doing I am challenging myself to do them and do it often! Well ladies that's all for me! Have a sugar free day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to the basics!

Good Day!  Its 7: 09. I managed to get up at six but stayed helplessly in bed until 6:45. I am exhausted!   Also I made the mistake of eating before bed (thanks for the yummy food Sofia)  so I think that affected my sleep too!  Anyhow my topic of interest this fine teusday morning is " back to the basics".  How to live the sugar free life,what to eat,what not and how to make it work for you? The majority of my articles have been from a spiritual stand point, and one I strongly suggested anyone take it from.  However there is a very practical side that I want to look at.

As you know I did this sugarfree lifestyle over the summer!  My main goal was weight loss.  And I would wager its the reason most people start this way of eating.  This time round it was for healthy living and better sleep, and to hit my high school weight again! Although that was my original motive, God had other plans.  Anyway , enough chatter let's get on with motives and how to get the maximum out of this change.

1. Its not a Diet!  Read that part again...if you look at this as a temporary fix to your weight / health issues and plan to resume back to sugary eating that will be very bad for your body and weight.   Please understand you are training your body to like different foods and if you try and bring back all that junk it will one....make you sick ....two, make you bloated and three, the fat will come creeping back fairly quickly.   Now I am not advocating one can never have carbs again( at the end of Feb I will begin the whole grain challenge)   but I am saying it should not become 90% of your meals like it once was
2. You have to weigh yourself.  It'd imperrative you get a scale and weigh in daily if you aim is weight loss.  It's encouraging and helps you to get to know your body better
3. Count those calories!   You have to...don't just do a mental estimate.   Your most likely going to be off. To lose weight you need a 500 calories defecit. That will cause you to lose close to 1 lbs a week.   I am convinced women do not create a large enough deficet and when they fail to lose wieght say " this doesn't work".
4. Oils and fats. Make sure your using olive oil or real butter.  Fats are good but in moderation.  Its easy to think let me just have extra oily food since I am not eating any carbs.  Also watch the cheese, eat the allotted amount.  No more
5.  I have said it before,  I will say it again, smoothies. You can't go wrong. Fill them with spinach, and yogurt s lots of fruit and veg!  The health benefits are great, it's good for digestion and keeps you full

Alright now for my food log.
Lol yesterday's
Am: peanut butter banana chocolate smoothie. ( bananas almond milk yogurt peanut butter and cocoa powder)
Lunch :( see pictures)  I had a smorgasbord board of cucumbers, antipasto, Turkey breast, marble cheeses ,slivered almonds. With cottage cheese topped with blueberries for dessert!
Pm: coconut Thai chicken and shrimp with spaghetti squash
Late night snack: Akee, sweet yams,cabbage and shrimp!    Thanks Sofia it was spoon good !
Have a sugar free day ladies! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Shaped cups filled with....

Happy New Week Folks! Its another Monday, another opportunity to start the week of right!
I am  pleased to say my 6 am challenge has been going extremely well!  Over the weekends I give myself a break, but on saturday I was up at 6:30.  Anyhow I am pleased to be here yet again for another week!
As for my other goals from last week, mmh other than the 6 am challenge I think that was the only goal I actually accomplished. Last week I did cheat!  Yup, what a sinner I am, don't worry I repented! LOL
Now please for those of you who have not cheated or slipped up, don't start now! And for thoe who have, just pik up and keep going! I did not go over board, but it was a little bite hear a little sip there.  But i made some really good food stands at a potluck I went too.  I didn't take any carbs-just grilled veggies and pulled pork!  There was macaroni pie literally singing my name, but I didn't budge!

So as I read my Made to Crave devotional this morning the thought of Heart shaped holes in a our heart came to mind.  She discusses how we have this heart shaped cup that we hold out for other to fill.  Whether it me a boyfriend for attention, friend for acceptance, family for significance, spouses for love and the list goes on and on. But how many times when we have held out that cup to be filled and when it doesn't, we have a friend who can fill that cup perfectly!  Or so we think!  We fill that cup with candy, fried chicken, ice-cream and any treat possible.  As we stuff our mouths somehow we feel better. At least temporarily.  I once heard someone say "You know the best time to eat is when you are angry!Food tastes so good then"  I thought to myself when I heard that comment, now this is a person using food to fill their heart shaped cup.

It really wasn't until recently I become very apparent of the things I used to fill my cup, and became to depend on God to fill that solely!  Nothing else was going to fill that God shaped hole in my heart, and depriving myself of sugar became an excellent means to allow God to fill it!  I know we preach it all the time to others, but we rarely think that as Christians we are still filling our hear shaped holes with something else. A  little example, last week, my absolutely perfect husband out of the kindness of his heart brought my favorite chocolate covered short bread cookies home. Since he didn't want to "tempt" my with them he left them in his office. The problem is, he left them right on the desk half open in his office.  So when I would walk in there I was greeted with the soft buttery sweet aroma of these delectable cookies.  This is where the battle started.  Granted, I was not hungry, I was actually quite full from a lovely dinner but I just felt I needed to have it.  And then I hear my 1 year old crying "mommy mommy mommy" from upstairs, and then my 7 year old is screaming " MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY Miya is crying" (as if I can't hear that from upstairs) So I rush up the stairs only to find, Miya has spilt milk all over the couch, Tiana still hasn't finished her homework and I have forgotten to put the wet clothes in the drier from this morning and now they need to go through the rince cycle again.  As all these circumstances start to unfold one after another, that little heart shaped cup magically appears in my hands saying" Take me down stairs now and eat some cookie! Feed me Feed me! I am running on empty!  You can't possible deal with this without me!" And it is in those moments when I think "You're absolutely right! I need a fix and I need it now! Or I am going to blow!"

But this week I practiced talking to myself! I swear I am not going crazy! But I simply whispered to myself in the heat of the moment "Victoria get a hold of yourself, these treaties will not have the victory over you, Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world! Get moving hunny!" And I put that heart shaped cup back where it belonged and filled it with what it needed to be fed with!  And guess what the entire week that those cookies were in my house I didn't even have one!

I did say before I cheated, but it was more mindless cheating, like a couple candies popped in my mouth at a potluck.  But there are moments where you just know I can not do this, and when you hear that voice, listen.  I am amazed of the growth in my life in 2 short weeks! Imagine 6 months from now!

Well ladies I am off, I look forward to seeing some of you at revival tonight and hearing your success stories! OH and here is my question of the day for you...what patterns have you noticed in your sugar cravings?  When do you find you need a fix?  Is it when your tired? Hungry? Irritable? Depressed? If you can pin point this issue this will greatly help overcoming the battle!

Have a Sugar free Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Food stats

So today I felt very peckish! annoying!  Any how this is what I ate

Am: very berry peanut banana smoothie
2 scrambled eggs
1/3 fried plantains
Late Lunch: left over spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce
Dinner- I pecked! Lol a bite of cottage cheese here, a handful of multigrain Cheerios(loops) a chunk of cheese there, spoon full of antipasto!  I love that stuff man, a couple dried cranberries, bite of titis dinner yah didn't really have dinner
But all the pecking kinda filled me up!  Good for the metabolism too cause I am constantly eating but tiny amounts
I was having a lower calorie day tomorrow cause the weekend is coming and I don't prepare as many meals or organize my food intake so since I don't calculate what I am eating, I am more like to eat over. Not junk though!

Anyhow ladies. Hold strong for the weekend!
Peace out!

Weight aint nuttin but a number!

Good Morning!   I really mean that, I had a lovely sleep and a easy transition into getting up this morning!  I don't know about you but sugarless eating dramatically improves my sleeplife. Along with ability to wake.  Anyhow back to the matter on hand...weight ain't nothing but a number!   Some of you may read that statement and scoff as the number you read on the scale this morning echos through your mind.
Weight has never been an issue for me until I gained some and needed to make my way back down the scale.  For me it was a tangible reference point that charted my success and amplified my screw ups!
This magic number would sometimes even determine my mood for the day!  But that was always short lived and it would just take one non related issue to bother me for the day and that little number meant absolutely jack to me!
Another tricky thing about weight is that it looks different on everyone.   For example I right now weight 142 lbs,  I have a tall lean frame. I look pretty good if I do say so myself!  Until another friend of mine says she ways 135 and she a similar height but different bodily make up! She looks chubbier, I don't! But she weight fair!  This is why it can't be all about that magic number! You may even find when you get to that " number" your still not satisfied!
And this is where this journey to sugarfreedom, has shown me our primary goal here isn't to have model figures or perfect weights!  Its not so others can look at us an say" wow you lost so much weight"
Alot of us have been spiritually starving for years. Never making any real sacrifice or denying our flesh daily!  We are merely just using food as an avenue to get closer to God. If that's not your aim, this is a shallow persuit that will sadly come to an end.  Like the book said " shallow desires produce shallow efforts"  really ask yourself why am I on this journey?
I say this because although I loved the made to crave book the first time round I had one lose 25 pounds. Once I did I slowly reverted back to my eating habits and the practice of denying myself was a thing of the past.  This time my prayer life and devotion has dramatically improved,  and my numbers on the scale really haven't much.  I do have a goal weight. More of an experiment really, but that's not my aim anymore!
I say all this to say Ladies don't continue to agonize about your weight, the natural byproduct of a sugar free life is weight loss. I don't want this to just be a shallow persuit and you miss out on the weight you need to gain! Spiritual weight!
Let's put on some pounds today!
Have a sugarfree day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade Sweet Potatoe Fries Recipe

This was so yummy I just had to share!

2 sweet potatos peeled and cut length wise
1 dash of cinnamon
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon mayo
1/2 teaspoon Italian antipasto
Cherry tomatoes


Preheat oven to 420
Spread potatoes evenly across baking pan that has been greased
Sprinkle wwith cinnamon and salt
Bake for 30 -45 min. Or until dried out and crispy

Mix mayo and antipasto
Spoon on side of plate.
Top with some cherry tomatoes

Great lunch!

Control yourself Woman!

Good day ladies!
Its 7 am, I just finished my regular morning routine and am ready to blog!  Just some personal notes from my journey.  This week has been tougher for me than previous weeks!
I have found myself hungrier than usual.   Taking peeks at sweetie treaties everywhere....and longing for a large bowl of white rice! Granted these new desires for food completely caught me off gaurd but are giving me the opportunity to develop self control at a higher level. 
I do have to ask,  why does it always hurt so very much when our character is being molded!  It literally can feel like a sharp knife is slivering off a little pride here, a little gluttony there, a little bad attitude on the left side and a chunk of lack of discipline on the right!  The finished result though is a you, you never thought existed!

I hope all my lovely sugar addicts are doing well!  Keeping off the junk!  Some tips to keep you going
- drink lots of Smoothies!  It helps curb your appetite
- stay away from " healthy " wannabe" foods. Like blue menu products. Or salted nuts, rice crackers, and the like. The sodium levels will have you craving more and the next craving will be for nachos. Also foods high in sodium(salt) make it very difficult to loose weight because salt is naturally dehydrating so if you have too much you body will retain water to makeup for it!  Hence you are bloated and puffy!  Yuck!
-look for recipes. This keeps me motivated that I don't have to eat the same thing every day

Well girlies, I am off to have some breakfast
Today I am eating
Am: papaya smoothie
Am snack: banana patties/ cookies
Lunch:homemade sweet potato wedges
Pm snack: left over smoothie
Pm: spaghetti squash and meatballs all covered in cheese! Yay! I am very excited about this dinner! Mmmmmmhhh. Have a sugarless day y'all! !!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Made for More

Have you ever asked yourself "What am I here for?" or "What is my purpose?"
These no doubt are questions that linger in our minds, while we lay in bed at night.
The book touches the topic being "Made for More".  When I first read this book those
words were a constant "go to"in my sugarless battles.  I would think to myself God didn't just make me to see how many oreos I could devour in one day!  Or how quickly I could finish my pizza and eat another slice, so that it would be just as hot as the first slice.  God made me for more than  these silly battles I would have against sugar.  Often sugar would win and I would sadly walk away in defeat, with ice cream in hand.

I am not sure the degree of addiction to sugar any of you have, but this even can come from and over  anxiousness to eat.  We do not need to be controlled by what we eat.  As said in the book, "we eat to live, not live to eat".  How many of us, our whole life revolves on what we will be eating today?  What we will be having for dinner when we go out on the weekend?  What "so and so" will be cooking when we go to their house? Ladies, we have long passed eating to live, and have dived right into a life style that simply revolves around food and eating.

I wonder if we took that time we spend agonizing over a sugar craving, or thinking about our meals for next week,and instead,  called a young convert, encouraged a friend, studied bibles, or planned a ladies fellowship?  How much more rich our lives would be?  If we could replace our cravings with the word of God, the people of God and the Holy Spirit Himself, what a difference that could make in our characters and the lives of those around us?

So today, if you read this early enough I challenge you ladies lets live for what we are Made for!  A life that glorifies our God.  Lets replace our food challenges with Him.  Even our desire to eat,If you haven't watched the Robert Morris sermon on Gluttony its called "Glorify God in your Body" You absolutely need too!

I plan to have an all smoothie day! So there won't really be any food updates for me. I did not have the pizza salad yesterday,will most likely have it Friday, so I will post the recipe then!
Not sure what kind of smoothies I will make, I have lot of fruit to use up before it goes bad!

Have a sugar free day!  And To all my readers who are on the challenge I didn't hear any updates yesterday!  Don't be slippin! LOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please just give me the good stuff!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Welcome to another sugar free day!  Hopefully you are still happy about your decision to move into a sugar Free lifestyle!  And its not something you look at with gloom and drudgery!  One thing you may notice in my blog writings, is that I call this a lifestyle as apposed to a "diet".  In my opinion, diets are temporary and rarely work.  They also have all sort of other stigmas attached to them that we don't need to be bombarded with in our thoughts!  This is a lifestyle change, and the main goal is that this will become apart of who you are. Our aim is this will always be the style of eating you  "revert" back to, regardless the situation.
I am pleased to say, when I did this over the summer, it became so ingrained in me, that when I  slowly brought regular sugars back into my diet-my body screamed, "Please, just give me the good stuff".  By good stuff I mean, my body wanted the "carrot stick" (hope you guys have been reading your books)

Anyhow lets dive into the book!  I am currently on chapter 4.  Reading it the second time, has been enjoyable for me and I have been able to apply some new truths!

Here are some points that stuck out to me:

-Is it possible for me to rely on food, more than I rely on God?(answer for me was yes-as I have made it through days without praying ans seemingly had no affect-take food away for  day and there is a HUGE affect!)

-Just a little funny when she said her arms have gotten so flabby they are waving back at her when she waved! Hahahaha, I literally laughed out loud for that one!

-Food has become like a drug, and its a good drug choice for the christian woman! (so this sunk in deep into my inner being, as I really reflected how food was my drugs-especially sugary ones, if i didn't get my next fix, i was cranky, irritable, whiny and even sometimes got the jitters! hehe)

-Poor food choices will rat you out every time-if not in the waste line, in my energy level!  (Can I get an amen from someone! Last night I went to the Sultans Tent with a friend-it was a 4 course meal.  The food was Moroccan, and delicious.  It was healthier than most restaurant food, but at the same time wasn't a fresh smoothie either.  Well as much as I ate half portions and didn't finish most of my dessert-I still felt very heavy in my tummy afterwards. Since I ate so late I felt sick to my stomach last night and this morning, I struggled to get out of bed! Just one meal, that wasn't even a big mac combo had such affects on my body!)

-Brings me to the next point-you will grow to love this change you have made!  (You will not miss what the "world"(fast food) has to offer!  I tried a chicken wing the other day and it was gross, just salt and oil-no real flavour!)
-Desperation breeds degradation! (When we are hungry we will eat almost anything.  Key tip here is plan your meals and bring snacks)

There are so many other notes I had made, but this morning I am on  bit of a time line!

As for my meals today-I think I will sticking to mainly fruits and veg.
For dinner I plan to have a veggie pizza salad!  Will post pics and the recipe later!!

Love y'all and have a sugar free day!

Please share some of your notes from the book, or parts that have really ministered to you and wil be reference points for change in your life?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fresh start!

Something that I love about Mondays is the opportunity to set the coarse for the rest of the week! It doesn't matter what the previous week amounted too!  Mondays are like mini new years days for me!
So as I start this sugar free week I put my old craving behind me, and all my did nots and look forward to a fresh week of healthy eating and to do's! So ladies a commend you on making it through a sugar free week and it only gets easier! 
This weekend I was super busy so I didn't get to give and food updates
But here is goes
Saturday: am- pinacola Smoothies. No alcohol
mid pm- all you can eat Thai restaurant killed me. Lol. I had shrimp tempura,mango salad, salmon, California salad,mango chicken.  All in small portions and the manager brought me a cheesecake cause he is a friend of my dads and it was a special visit. I didn't want to be rude so I a couple bites with and gave the rest to my dad! 
Pm- zucchini lasagna

Am nada. I was in a hurry
Lunch. Cream of broccoli soup and sweet potato fries. Just a couple
Pm. Antipasto sauce and hummus with raw veg

So that's me in a nutshell.  Haven't gotten into the book. Will do tomorrow

Look forward to a sugarfree week!
Some common goals
Wednesday veggie cleanse day!
Weekly 6:01 wake
Daily 20'mim physical activities

What's your goals for this week?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eating good!

So today I ate good.
Its goes a little something like this...
AM: Melon and strawberry smoothie
Midday : banana paties/ cookies.
Early dinner: Turkey avacado salad
PM snack : very berry banana chocolate mint smoothie

I know you guys probably read chocolate and thought I cheated! Nope I used pure cocoa powder and fresh mint. Added my banana, plain yogurt and berries. Mmmmh mmmh good!

What did you eat today ?
Also please comment on the sugar rehab post!  Thought that was a good discussion!

Sugar Rehab!

Good Morning Sugar free sisters!

I just want to share some thoughts that came to mind this morning...
After reading Chapter 2 of the book and just reading comments, I can see that the temptation has begun and the cravings are starting to hit!  This stage isn't as fun....the novelty of starting something "new" has kinda worn off, and reality of your sugar addiction has kicked in.

The inability to get certain foods off your mind, or restrain from eating certain things is a very huge problem.  One that I struggled with big time in the past and occasionally with now!
Ladies, I want you to treat your sugar love-like an addiction.  Treat it like you were addicted to crack (Its funny because the with drawl effects are quite similar to some one in rehab).
Your tired, cranky, irritable, can't stop thinking about it, feel nauseas, sick and everything in your body begins to scream out for sugar!  This is the time when you have to say no!

I want to change the analogy to the scripture "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off"  Now we could say, "hold on, I am not sinning cause I eat sugar!!"  And the answer would be no for some people.  Cause its either here nor their.  But if you're anything like me, I can't say no, I was bound, if my body said jump, I said how high as far as sugar was concerned.  We have to cut it off, and not leave any of it lingering.
You wouldn't say " oh its okay for me to have a little sin, just a little fornicating....come on, just once a week, I was good all week!  Why can't I just murder someone today?  I mean, I just have too, it was a rough week, just a little stab in someones gut at least!" Or "You know what? How about if I move into a "low" sin lifestyle? You know just commit minor sins  here and there, but I'll stop sinning the "big sins". Like I am not gonna break up with my sinner boyfriend who I am fornicating with, we will just kiss!" "Ok ok, I will stop doing fraud , but I am definetly lying when I call in sick tomorrow!!"

Now to us, those compromises seem ridiculous and somewhat humorous. But we all know that any people who live their Christianity like that won't make it!  So why do we think, that we can have "just a little sugar" and it not affect us after we have been addicted so long?  The thought really came to mind when I first started this lifestyle change in the summer and was debating "cheat days".  Its like God clearly spoke to me and said do you have "sin" days?  Ofcorse not! I certainly have screw up days and flesh up days, but I have never once in my Christianity said "Okay all week I will read and pray and then Saturday, I am just gonna chill out and listen to all my favourite worldly music! "(and begin fantasizing about the play list I will put together, while in the midst of prayer monday morning)  Never!  I have had weeks where, I didn't consistently read and pray and then by default did spend my Saturday having what I call "a throw back day" listening to my old favorite worldly songs!  Now if we look into it, why did I probably give into the craving?  Well I wasn't feeding myself with what I needed too, so I began to crave what I was eating.  Evidently there was a lack of consistant prayer and feeding myself with Gods word!

Basically my point is cheating on a no sugar lifestyle  will lead to more cheating!  But like the lady said in the book, you will begin to desire what you eat!  Please guys don't make it any harder for yourselves and try to rationalize eating sugar.  You continue to eat healthy that is what you will begin to desire and LOVE!

Now I just want to say on the flip side, there are many people that can go to a fellowship and have a reasonable size dinner and feel satisfied that when the cheese cake comes out they say "no thanks I am good".  But that's not me....and my guess that's not you either!  I hope to be like that one day and this is why I am being so very strict now.  I want to develop a different attitude towards what I eat.  I do know sugar is not sinful in its self.  But my desires and lack of control to have it is down right gluttonous!

Anyhow, those are my morning musings....also that cycle came up again, I really want to break that cycle for me! In chapter 2 she talks about the viscous cycle of resolving to do better and giving in!  I actually lost 6 1/2 lbs in 1 week! I am 4 lbs from my goal weight! :) Just wanted to share that with you. I haven't craved anything but good food!  That's a miracle, and my ability to wake up consistently at 6:01 am every morning,no matter what time I go to bed has strengthened!  This challenge of a sugar free life has really empowered me.  I have much more discipline in other areas of my life, and that only dawned on me as I sit here at 6:21 in the morning writing to you guys!  I went to bed at 2 :30am-I feel slightly tired, but I will have you know I would never be able to control this and wake up like this before!  Yay!  What a testimony for me anyhow!

So as promised here is the brownie recipe that will knock your socks off! LOL Just click recipe
Basically this recipe calls for 1 cup of "sugar". I switched the sugar to 1/3 a cup splenda!  I don't usually have splenda,nor do I recommend you,but hey this is healthy"treat"food, not cheat food!LOL  And I think only packs 50 calories per piece-as apposed to the 300 calories in regular brownies.  Use whole grain flour, and I was able to down the amount to just a little less than 1/2 a cup.  * Hint the smaller the sweet potato is the sweeter it is! :)

Have a sugar free day!
let me know your thoughts on this blog posr!  Thanks for the food updates and accountability-i know some of you reading haven't been doing it!  Please join us and comment! Muah!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today was so hectic!  So I wasn't able to post my brownie recipe but it will posted tomorrow!

What did I eat?
Am: Smoothie-papaya, cantaloup, mango-and wow it was awesome!! Veggie omelete with cheese & sautee's veggies on the side! :)
Didn't snack today
PM: Chicken with oyster sauce-steamed brocoli with ginger and garlic in soybean oil
Dessert-tons of fruit-my hubby bought me a fruit flower bouquet!  Very beautiful and very yummy!

The cravings will subside guys don't worry!!
Just press through-the book should really help and believe me if you give in you feel so defeated and disappointed in yourself!  Its just not worth it!

Its not to say you will never eat those things again, but right now treat yourself like an addict-cause you are! LOL Your just in rehab right now!  oooh that the name of my next post! Booyaahh! LOL

Love y'all
Night night

Made to Crave!

Hola Ladies!!
I know I said I would blog in the evening, and will probably begin to in the next couple days,but I have just been quite busy in the evenings thus far, and given I am on a 6am challenge what a perfect time!

OK so I want to get a little bit into the book!  Yesterday I read the intro, which most people would usually skip over! Don't!
 Some key notes I took from it were :

-Spiritual malnutrition.  We feel physically over weight but underweight spiritually!  I wish we could flip the two!

-Shallow desires produce shallow efforts!  How this spoke to me, even in my H20 fast, my desire was to cleanse my body, but I have to say had I made it spiritual I probably could have lasted longer!  Also Shallow desires never really last very long.

-Eve being tempted with food.  How is this lady putting us on blast like that? LOL But I never really thought about the story in the garden that way!

-Compromise-take away the com and you have promise!  When you compromise you are breaking a promise!  They always seem so subtle but a broken promise is a broken promise matter how little!

-I can still crave chocolate after a huge meal and be full already!  I usually call this my "Dessert stomach"
This link to spiritual craving and food is amazing! By the end of this not only are we going to be healthy and slimmer-but much closer to Jesus! Who knew?

-The vicious cycle-eating, gaining, stressing...resolving to do better, failing...eating, stressing gaining...LMBO Think we have all be there!

Some friendly reminders

This is your own journey, and you set the pace for whats Good for your body-however I really don't want any of you to be counter productive so I am just going to list some tips!:)

1)Please check labels,if its got 9 million things you have never heard of in the ingredients list-just eat some carrot sticks! (lol to all those who have begun to read the introduction of made to crave)

2)NO juice!  I don't care if its 100% organic, unless you made it yourself-you have no idea whats really in there.  The freshness is gone-so the nutrients have been diminished.  If you want orange juice eat an orange.  Fruit does have sugar-and while it can be good sugar, you can overdo it!  I really recommend making your own juice-I don't regularly cause I see 4 apples go into making a 3/4 glass of juice! It makes you think do I need to be eating that much apples?  However their are many benefits to juicing, but not buying juice!  Drink water/milk, smoothies! If you really want make it yourself! :)

3)Weigh your self as often as you can! Only if this is also to help you to loose weight!  For me-even when I wasn't on the sugarless lifestyle I weighed in everyday!  It might seem dramatic, but I could see if I was slowly veering off!  Its easier to loose half a pound in a day than it is to loose 5 lbs that you put on in one week!

4) Beware of water weight, you may be 160 in the Am and 165 in the PM.  Chances are its water, food & digestion.  Always weigh in the morning and this is why I have suggested lighter dinners-so you can get a really good read on the scale when morning comes!

5)Stick to the basics, if your cooking-try and cook with all natural things, no need for extra sauces when you can make your own, this experience will really enhance the flavor of your food and cooking abilities! Hey hey hey!!

6) Just because its wholewheat doesn't mean much!  If you are not doing the no carb 30 day challenge, you are looking for whole grain foods not whole wheat!  There is a difference!  Whole grains are great-and good for you-but I think your attitude towards carbs needs to change!  Try and eat the recommend serving on the back when it comes to carbs-eat as much meat, dairy and veg as you want-but really get a hold of the carb area of your life!  Once you do you can begin to eat smaller portions of the other areas too!  But like I said, you want to find out how much you should be taking in each day and stick to that

My food log I will post this evening, I am not sure at all what I will be eating today-its 6:40 in the am! LOL  But that and my "Famous Guilt free Brownie" recipe will be added this evening!

Have a sugar free Day! :)

And guys comment more!  I want to know what you ate and how its going!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diaries of An Ex-Sugar Addict

Good Morning!
So I am overly excited about this blog, and lifestyle change.  I mean the first time I was excited but had no clue the results it would yield!  This time, I know and I am psyched!  So I hope you guys are too!

Also all those who are following and plan to do the change-can you drop comments! :) Its nice to hear other peoples experiences and not just mine!

Okay-so I have yet to read my 1st chapter of Made to Crave yet-I have read the book before.  I will probably read it tonight before I got to bed-so it will be in tomorrows post! I will only have a blog once per day, so I am thinking I will update in the evening time usually, that way I can really tell you what I ate that day, not what I hope to eat! LOL

So just a couple tips for those starting a sugar free life, after you have done yesterdays advice, this would be your next step
1) Get a blender-smoothies are everything!
2) Download the calorie count app  Or just do the online version-you gotta track what you are eating, and just an excellent website to know the calories in food.
3) Set your goals, find out what you should be taking in each day to meet those goals. Click here to find that out.
4) Do research on the benefits of no sugar in your diet!  Your not really going to stick to something, if you don't think its going to benefit you! what have I eaten today?

So I am excited coming off my H20 experience to be eating regular again! yay!!

Breakfast: Blackberry Banana Yogurt smoothy! (throw it almonds with a touch of almond milk or water)Warning-be easy on the yogurt make sure its plain, natural and if
you can find sugar free!

Morning Snack: If you remember I was going to try a juice made out of red pepper, onion and spinach, well I made it!  It wasn't gross it tasted good, but the onion was so potent I just couldn't handle it-but it actually curbed my appetite-so I am good until lunch!  Usually at morning snack I just eat my left over smoothie!  I sprinkle slivered almonds on top!

Lunch: Meatball salad!  Yesterday I made homemade meatballs!  Really excited about those-so I am just going to make up a huge HUGE salad, with spinach, avocado, cucumber, tomato, cilantro and pour my meatballs over top!  Add some parmesan cheese, and I am good to go!

Afternoon snack: handful of almonds with dried cranberries!  This is one of my fav snacks to have when I really want some sugar and something sweety! :)

Dinner & Dessert-Today I plan to fast for dinner, so I am just going to have good old H20, but for those who aren't I would say make your dinner lite, eat the biggest earlier in the day!  If I was going to eat dinner tonight, I would prb have banana cookies-lol homemade-I will write the recipe & hummus, cheese and grilled zucchini!  Kinda a weird dinner but honestly thats what I feel for today!

Banana cookies Recipe-you'll never miss sweets with this treat!

1 pack of plain instant oatmeal
1 very ripe banana

1)mash the banana, stir in the oats
2) heat a frying pan with a little olive oil
3)form little patties with the mixture and fry til golden brown!

Grilled Zucchini
1 zucchini cut length ways 1/2 inch thick
2 cloves of minced garlic
little sea salt to taste
sprinkle of cayenne pepper
1 tbs olive oil

1) rub seasoning into zucchini
2) place in oven for 15 minutes on 350 or until lightly browned

Serve with hummus spread on top and cherry tomatoes, or even shred cheese on the zucchini and melt in oven!  YUMM!!

Have a sugar free day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sweet Life, The Sugar Free Life!

Hey all!! So I am super excited about this blog because of the fun in store! 7 days on h20-was not a fun experience, and I hardly made it through!  But I do feel better, system feels cleaned out and I am ready to treat my body like the temple of God that it is!  I was treating Gods temple like a garbage sad!

Anyhow, just a little back ground on my sugarless diaries and how it all started.
Last summer, I was out on my front lawn with my girls and a lady walked by.  I realized it was my Dads  cousin! So we began to chat and then she said to me Wow you have really gained a lot of weight!  The rest of that conversation was a blur from there! For the first time in my life I actually felt fat!  Whether I was or was not was neither here nor there! I looked in the mirror and said somethings got to change!  Granted, I had just had Miya(8 months old at the time) and was a mother of two, most people would say I looked good considering.  But deep in my heart I knew I was not the weight I needed to be and realized I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food! It was my friend, my partner,and my hobby!  On lonely nights  I would look forward to curling up and watching a christian film with a box of pizza hut & coke.  When I invited a sister over to fellowship I am not sure if I was more excited to see the person or to try my new recipe for carrot cake!  When I would wake up in the middle of the nights to feed my daughter, I decided to wake my taste buds with some cookies!  This unhealthy relationship had taken me 25 lbs over my normal to healthy weight.  It may have not gotten me to that weight, cause pregnancy got me their, but it was hindering the walk back down!

I also noticed my sleep was never solid, I woke up tired every morning no matter how long I had slept.  My eczema was the worst it had ever been and I found myself constantly hungry and irritable if I d id not eat immediately!  Now reading this I sound like a crazy person, but most of you who know me know I am pretty normal! I think all of us can relate to these things, but would never really be willing to open up to it! Because its kinda embarrassing to say I am a sugar addict!

So that evening, I began to do some research, and realized I needed to cut sugar out of my diet completely!
I am not talking sugars from fruits, I am talking about all the processed junk. The cookies, coke, juice, ketchup, McDonald's, rice...pasta(OUCH).  This left me with nothing to eat....or so I thought.  I realized the majority of what I was eating was sugar. The average person should consume no more that 8g of processed sugar in one day! In the average muffin their is 10g of sugar, that's just one snack in a day, not to mention the sugary drinks and other things we eat!  We could have well over 50g of sugar in one day! No wonder people are struggling with health issues left right and center!

So I really studied up on what foods I could eat, what would be good for me and be satisfying and I came up with an excellent food plan that kept me extremely satisfied and produced so much results in how I felt, my skin and my weight!  In 3 months I went form 172 to 145.  I slowly began to incorporate regular foods back into my diet and bounced around from 148-150.  Basically the weight stayed off!  But I learned some things along the way,and although I don't have much more I want to lose physically, I have a lot I want to gain back from the experience.  

I plan to go hard for 30 days and be extremely sugar free.  After 30 days I will introduce whole grain carbs only!
This has been a really long post-so I will post more information about how to do a sugar free lifestyle change tomorrow!  Anyone who is interested, here's how to jump start the plan:

1. Water fast for a minimum of 3 days (gotta get it out of your system)
2. Purchase the book Made to Crave .This book was a deal breaker for me! Very convicting!
3. Follow the blog, do it with a friend!  Two is always better than one!

I look forward to this next month!  Its going to be a lot of fun!  Each day I will post what I ate-so you guys can get an idea of what you can eat! And discuss topics from the book!  I will be starting the book tomorrow Feb 1st!  If you have kindle on your phone I suggest buying it as an ebook! I would share mine, but its not possible! :)

Have a sugarfree evening!